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About Us

Personalized Approach

CLS Finishing was founded in 1990 by Steven K. Geer, a former Goodyear Aerospace employee. Working with Goodyear and NASA, he gained extensive experience writing and implementing Military Coating Specifications for Navy and Air Force weapon components and Aerospace applications. He has since developed and patented unique corrosion protective coatings and techniques. Steve and his company bring a customer focused approach to the business that results in efficient workflow and superior service. 

Excellence and Professionalism 

Drawing on decades of experience of working to military specifications, the entire CLS Finishing staff is dedicated to quality and precision. Communication and documentation ensure every customer receives the most professional service available.

Unrivaled Capabilities

With a huge facility, large booths and ovens and the latest equipment, CLS Finishing can deliver exacting specifications in the quickest turn around times.

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